Dillon Chair of the Humanities

The Dillon Chair of the Humanities was established through the generous gift of C. Douglas Dillon 1927. Since 2010, Andy Anderson has held this Chair.
Andy arrived at Groton in the spring of 1980 to coach rowing. After returning to the consulting world for six months, he came back to the Circle in January of 1981 to teach English and work in the Admission Office. After ten years in that capacity, he switched to teaching Spanish full time, a move that was possible because he grew up in Latin America and Spain. For the past twenty years he has taught Spanish; he currently teaches Spanish 2 and a series of Spanish 6 electives.

Coaching rowing is a passion for him. He has coached national champions on the club, college, and high school level, including the Groton girls in 1995. For many years Andy was a coach for the US National team in rowing; his boats won three gold medals at the World Championships. At Groton, he is the Director of Rowing and coaches the girls varsity boats. He writes a monthly column for Rowing magazine and has published a book, The Compleat Dr. Rowing.

He is the Assistant Head of School and holds Groton's Dillon Chair of the Humanities.

Andy lives in the Richards House with his wife Cola Parker and children, Willy '15, Ella '17, and Lucy '20.

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