Music Lesson Program

The Music Lesson Program is designed to support and challenge all Groton musicians, beginners to virtuosi. Groton is a great place to learn to play or sing for the first time or to soar to new heights of musical prowess. Twenty-two experienced teaching performers provide lessons during the academic day. All orchestral and band instruments are taught. as well as voice, piano, organ, harpsichord, banjo, bagpipes, guitar, and didjiridoo. An additional fee is required for lessons.

Upper school students can elect to take individual music lessons as a non-credit, half-credit, or full-credit option depending upon their level of interest and ability to dedicate practice time in their schedules.

Third Form students can elect non-credit music lessons or fulfill their Third Form arts requirement by taking lessons for credit.

Second Form students can only elect non-credit music lessons.

Lessons for credit are year-long only. All students prepare a fall jury performance during the end-of-term exam period and participate in both winter and spring student recitals. Non-credit students are encouraged to perform in student recitals and most do.

Full-credit lessons are for highly motivated students who take two lessons weekly and pursue performance and research projects in addition to performing in winter and spring student recitals. These students make music an academic priority.

Music Lesson Program Performance Opportunities
• 23 student recitals (winter and spring series, FSA recitals, solo recitals)
• 6 open mics
• Morning weekday chapel services
• Special events

Small Ensemble Program
A number of non-credit ensembles help support the development of Groton musicians by providing opportunities to study a varied repertoire or to create music for small groups, all with the guidance of music faculty. Groups perform for the Groton community and beyond the Circle.
• Chamber Ensembles—string quartets, string trios, baroque ensembles, piano
trios, etc.
• Guitar Project and Guitar Ensemble
• Piano Ensemble—four-hand piano duos
• Brass Ensemble
• Jazz Combos
• Saxophone Quartet

Music FSA (Faculty-Sponsored Afternoon Activity)
Upper School students who want more time to hone their skills may further their musical studies in an afternoon activity, under the guidance of an applied music faculty member and the sponsorship of the director of instrumental music.

Applied Music Faculty
Members of Groton’s music faculty have studied at the finest musical training programs, including Curtis, Juilliard, Oberlin, Yale School of Music, Berklee, New England Conservatory, Tanglewood, Eastman, and Indiana University. They have performed all over the world in venues such as Carnegie Hall, Jordan Hall, Avery Fisher Hall, the Sydney Opera House, and Boston’s Symphony Hall, as soloists and as members of ensembles including the Boston Symphony Orchestra, the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra, the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, the Boston Lyric Opera, Boston Ballet, American Repertory Theater, and the Boston Pops. Their compositions, recordings, and improvisations have been heard in movies, television, radio, concert halls, churches, and clubs. In addition, Groton’s experienced faculty have taught at excellent institutions including the New England Conservatory, Boston University, Wellesley College, MIT, Tufts, Joy Of Music in Worcester, the Boston Conservatory, Phillips Andover, Belmont Hill, and Concord Academy.


List of 22 members.

  • Mary Ann Lanier 

    Performing Arts Department Head, Director of Instrumental Music
  • Dan Moriarty 

    Director of Choral Music, Organist, Harold I. Pratt Chair of Music
  • Bob Baughman 

    Music Instructor: Jazz piano
  • Walt Bostian 

    Trombone and electric bass
  • Anthony D'Amico 

    Music Instructor: Double bass and electric bass
  • Jamie Dunphy 

    Music Instructor: Guitar and Guitar Ensemble
  • Mark Emery 

    Trumpet and Brass Ensemble
  • Abe Finch 

    Music Teacher (part-time)
  • Vladimir Gurin 

    Music Instructor: Piano
  • Kenji Kikuchi 

    Director of Jazz Ensembles (part-time)
  • Soo Lee-Martone 

    Music Instructor: Piano, Head of Piano Studies and Piano Ensembles
  • Aaron Packard 

    Music Instructor: Violin and chamber music
  • Greg Passler 

    Music Instructor: Guitar and Guitar Project
  • Nancy Peters 

    Harp and piano
  • Margaret Phillips 

    Music Instructor: Bassoon
  • Andrew Price 

    Music Instructor: Oboe and chamber music
  • Sheffra Spiridopoulos 

    French horn
  • Mark St. Laurent 

    Music Instructor: Voice
  • Timothy Terranella 

    Chamber Orchestra Conductor (part-time)
  • Lawrence Unger 

    Banjo and guitar
  • Pamela White 

    Music Instructor: Viola and chamber music
  • Stanley Wilson 

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