AOW and TOW 9/12 - 9/15

Congratulations to Wren Fortunoff and Max Steinert for being named Athletes of the Week!
Also, congratulations to Boys' Cross Country for being named Team of the Week!
Athletes of the Week:
Wren Fortunoff/ IIIrd Form/ Girls' Cross Country
Wren was our top finisher Saturday in her first race for Groton and, it turns out, her first ever 5K. She was undaunted by tough competition from the defending league champions and handled a challenging course well, pushing herself to the limit en route to a 7th place finish overall. We look forward to seeing what Wren will accomplish in the coming weeks!
- Micheal O'Donnell, Edward Harvey, Nancy Slocum
Max Steinert/ IVth Form/ Boys' Varsity Soccer
With a slate of injuries plaguing our team, Max was a revelation in the center of midfield, a position he doesn't regularly play for Groton, toiling away with grit, poise, and patience. Over the course of the game, Max methodically eviscerated St. Paul's back line, slotting delightful through balls to our forwards, including an assist to Mark Bruni (VI) for our second goal. Max also battled to secure our midfield defensively, winning headballs and pivotal tackles to prevent St. Paul's from gaining offensive traction. Through several formation shifts, Max was a hinge in keeping our shape organized, allowing the players behind and ahead of him to knock the ball around St. Paul's defensive press. All-around stellar play from Max from the moment he stepped onto the field until we walked off the pitch with three goals and a clean sheet.
-Dave Pedreschi, Ted Goodrich, Chris Wade
Team of the Week:
Boys' Cross Country:
I can't remember the last time our Boys' Cross-Country team beat St. Paul's; it could have been a dozen years ago, but as far as I can confirm from our records it hasn't been in the last five years. Captain Leo McMahon nearly tied for first place. Tyler Weisberg placed fourth, Derek Chang sixth, Aroon Sankoh tenth, Captain Gus Vrattos twelfth, Joshua Guo thirteenth, and Powers Trigg seventeenth out of seventy runners from Groton, Nobles, and St. Paul's. Our JV squad, led by John Michaud, Noah Bay, Connor Hall, Andrew Mazza, Nick Wyman, Ian Bayliss, and Vivan Das, also beat Nobles and St. Paul's JV runners. A powerful first race!
-John Capen, Jake Kohn