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Groton School Welcomes New Students

Congratulations to the 138 talented students admitted to Groton School this year!

Letters of acceptance went out on March 10, headed to students all over America and the world. Applicants were admitted from 21 American states and the District of Columbia, and from all around the globe—from Switzerland to China, from Mexico to Morocco. Groton admitted approximately 12 percent of the applicants in an extraordinarily impressive pool.

"Our decisons were effectively need-blind this year, "said Director of Admission Ian Gracey. "No decisions were altered for fear that our financial aid budget would be insufficient. We also saw growth in the percentage of accepted students who are coming to us from public schools."

Groton hopes to see all of its newly admitted students back on campus for Revisit Days, April 1-2 and April 4-5.
Newly admitted students are encouraged to visit