Spring is Here!

Andres Palacios
After a few months of a snow-filled Circle, there is nothing better than to hear the birds chirping and see blooming flowers all around campus. The Circle, once covered in snow, is now full of students enjoying the green grass and sunshine (and the view of the Schoolhouse!). Once it hits 80 degrees, my friends and I know it’s time for a quick trip to the boathouse.
About three-quarters of a mile from the Circle, the boathouse is the perfect place to take a study break, listen to some music, and jump into the Nash. Most Groton students love to go down to the boathouse on runs, to row, or just to have a good time. This past Sunday was beautiful; there were no clouds in the sky and it was warm. Naturally, about ten friends and I decided that it was time to put on some shorts, grab a speaker, and go chill by the river. 

After a beautiful walk down Boathouse Road, we got to the dock and some of us decided to take a quick dive into the Nashua River. Although the water was freezing, it was definitely refreshing. Laughter filled the air as a couple of friends performed diving competitions and tried to make some tricks off the dock. Once the lifeguard left, we all laid on the dock and even got to hang out with other friends that were also down by the boathouse. 

Taking a day to be with friends was a great way to end a week with schoolwork and tests. Spring Term is always a time full of activities to do with friends and places to spend time outside. Small excursions like this make Groton all the more special.