Love Songs, Magic, and Pokémon?

This past Saturday night was a special one, as the Circle saw the return of Open Mic Nights, which we haven’t seen for quite a few weeks. This was by far the most unique out of any I’ve seen during my time here at Groton. For the first time, there was a magic act where Lebone Matthews performed a series of card tricks that left the crowd in awe. We also had some of the student songwriters perform, as Creed Bellamy, Griffin Elliot, and Georgia Martin all shared incredible original songs. Creed specifically performed a song she wrote called “Stockholm Syndrome,” which especially moved me. And most importantly, we witnessed a true musical masterpiece as Stephen Pang, Johnny Fan, and Jiacheng Kang sang the Pokémon theme song while all dressed as the main character, Ash Ketchum. A performance for the ages.

That night was also my return to the Open Mic stage, as I had not participated in almost two years. The feeling of just being up there in front of the school made my day. I did a little bit that Freddy Mercury used to do, where he would sing the phrase “AY-O,” and have the crowd repeat it. Collectively, we made the Forum as loud as it’s ever been, and nostalgic teachers whipped out their phones and recorded it. I then went on to sing Queen’s “You’re my Best Friend.” The energy in the Schoolhouse that night was amazing to experience.

That’s what I love about Open Mic Nights. The music performed is truly on another level. It's crazy how talented people are, and most of the participants aren’t even in choir! You don’t have to be the greatest singer in the world to get a huge round of applause–and more importantly, to have a good time. From a performer’s perspective, you don't feel the same stress that you do when singing in a more formal concert. Also, seeing the joy on people’s faces with each new song is something that will live with you forever.