A Podcast Pilot

Larry Li
I joined the CV Podcast as an editor!
I recently began editing for the CV Podcast, which is a group that meets occasionally to discuss issues or topics relating to Groton in a formalized podcast format. I’d never done any serious audio editing before, but I was open to learning about the process. I have had some experience with editing YouTube videos in Premiere Pro before, so that helped, but there was new software, equipment, and the journalism process as a whole that I had to consider.

I think for the most part, the podcast hosts did a great job of preparing and keeping the narrative of the podcast consistent, so I didn’t have to edit much content, but because it was a new experience for most of them, there was some stray environmental noise that made it into the rough cut. It was definitely a new experience for me, publishing something like a podcast, but it felt good to do so because of the feeling of putting something concrete into the world. Also the podcast was a really interesting concept as well. I think the reason podcasts have become so popular recently is that since COVID times have begun, there has been a real sense of isolation. The conversational tone of podcasts feel familiar to regular conversation, which might be more appealing to its consumers than traditional news.

Overall, I thought the experience was very positive overall and I look forward to the next one!