First Week on Campus

Sheena Bakare
The days leading up to my return to Groton felt long, and all I wanted to do was hop in a car and drive to campus. With a little patience, I moved in last Sunday with a car full of heavy boxes and suitcases. When I drove up to campus Sunday morning, I had this feeling of overwhelming excitement, but I also felt a slight tinge of nervousness. 
Whatever that nervousness was, it had disappeared the moment I saw my roommate run up to me to welcome me back. I had missed her so much after not seeing her for the whole summer. It was at this moment that I knew my great first week of sophomore (Fourth Form) year had begun. 

Moving in was a long process, one that I cannot claim to be entirely finished with yet (there are still cardboard boxes outside our door in the hallway). By the time Monday came around it was hard to find time to unpack, so we made slow progress during the week. It felt like every moment I had something to do--go to class, go to practice, do homework-- but I’ve also had some time to slow down and hang out with people during free periods or after dinner. I feel like I’m enjoying every second that I spend on campus, even when classes might be boring or cross country practice might get difficult. I’ve also had the opportunity to meet a lot of the kids who were remote last year due to COVID, and now the campus feels a lot more full and complete. 

I know this year will be challenging, but this first week has me looking forward to what's to come. It feels really good to be back!