We're Back!

Now officially back on campus, I am beginning to shift back into the Groton gear. With the new year in mind, I am eager to experience an even more complete version of a normal school year at Groton. Knock on wood.

Whether it be indulging in a buffet in the Dining Hall or absorbing an electrifying dance atmosphere, I hope to finish the year with every possible Groton experience under my belt. One of the privileges I most look forward to is competing in the Groton red. Even on the ISL cross country courses, an environment in which (as an occasional runner) I will be far from comfortable, I expect to enjoy every arduous stride. I am inspired to do the same on the ice in the winter and on the water in the spring. In addition to participating in athletic seasons, I am also excited to reap the benefits of reaching Upper School: unregulated free periods, full-sized walls, even the abolition of “lights out.” These privileges correlate with the maturity required to thrive in Upper School and beyond, an expectation I feel prepared to exceed.

The coming year will not be without its challenges, however. At the forefront of my mind, and likely everyone else's, is the pandemic. Although a significantly more open campus is intriguing, I am anxious to see the role COVID-19 will play in our everyday lives. Despite the thorough measures that the administration is taking, the virus will continue to be a volatile variable. Additionally, ascending into Upper School courses is a feat in and of itself. Despite my confidence in my peers' and my capabilities, I am slightly apprehensive to experience the jump from Third Form to Fourth Form.

With that said, I have no doubt that, no matter what obstacles we find along the way, the Groton community will make the most of the 2021–22 academic year. I could barely wait to reunite with my friends and teachers this fall, and I am beyond grateful to be on campus again this year.