The Circle of Singing

Undoubtedly one of the best moments of last year was the Open Mic Night on the Circle last spring, and it got me thinking. What makes the choir and other music groups at Groton so special?
Coming into my third year as a member of the choir, I’m incredibly hopeful that we can sing again in the fall. Groton has done a great job of containing the spread of COVID-19, and will continue to do that, so choir in the fall is looking more possible every day. There are also other singing groups, such as the Chamber Choir, Gospel Choir, and the Maqupellas, who are eager as well. I’ve talked to some friends in each of those groups, and it took a late-night Zoom call with some choir friends to realize the importance of singing at Groton.
Sure, we get to sing amazing music given to us by our teachers, coming from all backgrounds and faiths. However, it was that sense of togetherness I felt talking with other singers that resonated with me. The community that Groton creates around singing is astounding--so many creative people sharing their love for singing with each other and the rest of the school. Whether it's listening to an original rap from Andrej Klema, hearing the lyrics “Glory Glory, Hallelujah!” in Gospel Choir, or experiencing a heartwarming duet from Elizabeth Wolfram and Will Vrattos, singing impacts the Groton community on a much deeper level than people realize. Singing creates a necessary time of relief and enjoyment for everyone, and I can’t wait for that feeling to return to the Circle.