First Full Day at Orkeeswa

Hi Moms and Dads!

Today we headed up to The Orkeeswa School for our first routine day with the students. We started paired up with 3-4 Orkeeswa students doing a language exchange. It was super fun and really useful to learn some new Swahili words that we can try out when communicating with other people around town. 
After language exchange we separated into two big groups. One group started a tree project designing where to plant trees around the small pond near the school and the surrounding area. The other group led “circle games” getting to know the Orkeeswa students better. We then ate lunch and were off to our afternoon activities. Activities include art, music, girls’ leadership & poetry, and dance. I am super excited to be directing a play with the Drama activity group for the next 7 days. To finish the day we played sports with the students and then said our goodbyes until tomorrow!

Happy belated Father’s Day!

Lyndsey Toce