A Busy Introduction to India

Greetings from Agra!

We landed in the “World’s 2nd Best Airport” (Delhi) two days ago and have much to report. When we came to, we found ourselves in a hotel with three museums, Terra Cotta, textiles, and artifacts from “daily use”. Perhaps more importantly, the hotel was home to quite a few monkeys! Chris had to fend off a particularly bold one from munching his breakfast… After an orientation with our guide, Shantum we set off to the house where Gandhi spent his last days. We followed concrete markers for the path he walked in his last moments and explored the museum. We then had “high tea” with Dr. Karan Singh, a politician/poet/scholar/naturalist/diplomat. Due to the many hats he wears, he gave us a lecture on Indian politics and history, fielded our questions about population control, and recited a Robert Frost Poem.
The next day we set off to Agra. This turned out to be a five-hour drive on which we learned about the Yamuna River and talked about cows. (A lot of our conversations seem to revolve around cows.) We spent our afternoon exploring a Mughal palace and mosque from the 1570s. The architecture, the gardens, and the history of the space left us all feeling a bit giddy.

Whether it was bowing lightly to Gandhi’s memorial, eating a heavenly meal of roti and chai tea, or watching a lady throw back her burka to take a selfie, everything feels somehow spiritually uplifting.


Jamie and Blair