Today was full of excitement and adventure. We started off the day with an exquisite breakfast in the Phoenix Hotel in Hohhot, which marked the beginning of our journey into the grassland. Having traveled for an hour and a half, we arrived at a small village where we had a tasty lunch. We had vegetables, a pig leg, chicken, lamb, and a fish professionally caught in the Yellow River, and left quite a few leftovers. Afterwards, we went to a local greenhouse, where we picked fresh peaches and nectarines.
We then made our way to Ge Zhe Cun village where we met the party secretary of the village. He is the highest-ranked government official in the village, and was elected by the people. He kindly gave us a tour of his home during which he showed his lovely courtyard and farm, where he had chickens and sheep. He generously invited us to stay for dinner so that he could roast a lamb for us, but as tempting as that sounded, we had to pass on it for we had to proceed on our Inner Mongolia journey. After a few hours of more driving, we stopped at a place where we played with a few exercise toys. We finally arrived at Ordos, where we would be staying for the night. We had the chance to rest for a few hours, but due to the rain we were unable to go out for dinner so we were satisfied with a fancy box dinner. The day closed with a spontaneous photo shoot of the boys wearing the hotel robes on the dock with a great view of the bridge.  After the eventful and fun evening, we all went to bed with a great day behind us.   (written by Jeremy Jin)