Board of Trustees Adopts Formal Resolution Praising Groton Faculty, Staff Amidst COVID Crisis

Groton School’s Board of Trustees, at its spring 2020 meeting, passed a formal resolution praising faculty and staff for upholding the school’s educational standards, as well as its values and sense of community, during the COVID-19 pandemic. The resolution, introduced at a daylong virtual trustee meeting on April 24, passed unanimously.
Board President Jonathan Klein P’08, ’11, ’18 made a special appearance at an online faculty meeting on Tuesday, April 28 to read the resolution and congratulate faculty.
The resolution states:
WHEREAS, the COVID-19 pandemic necessitated the closure of the residential program and the shift to remote education at Groton School in a very short period of time,
WHEREAS, the decision to move online disrupted every aspect of the lives of Groton’s faculty and staff—professional, personal, and social,
WHEREAS, the faculty and staff dedicated a significant amount of time and effort, including sacrificing their spring break, in order to support students in their transition and prepare to offer a Groton-quality education in a remote format,
WHEREAS, the excellence, dedication, and caring of Groton School’s faculty and staff are among the School’s greatest assets,
The Board of Trustees congratulates the faculty and staff for implementing a smooth transition to remote learning that has continued to support students and nurture a sense of community in a confusing and troubling time while also continuing the high standard of academic excellence that is a hallmark of Groton School.
The Board of Trustees also expresses its deep appreciation for and pride in the extraordinary commitment, effort, sacrifice, creativity, and effectiveness of the faculty and staff in their response to the COVID-19 crisis.