An Evening of Provocative Discussion

On the evening of Monday, April 2, students and faculty split into small groups for a Diversity & Inclusion community gathering, discussing a variety of important topics affecting society and the school community.
The subjects of conversation, in mostly student-run workshops, ranged from cultural identity to the environment and mental health.
Several of the sessions dealt with the issue of stereotypes, including those based on race, religion, and socioeconomic status. One workshop, for example, examined the portrayal of Muslims in the media. Another, titled "Misconceptions of Southern Identity," dealt with a regionally based stereotype. 
In other groups, students led discussions on topics pertaining to current events, including gun control, "fake news," the #MeToo movement, and the recently released Black Panther movie. The event is one of several held throughout the year to encourage disscussion and raise awareness within the community.Christopher Temerson