Zeebs over Seawolves

The Groton girls were back in action as they made the journey east to battle with Tabor. Although the ride was long, the trip was worth it. 

The Seawolves put up a good fight in doubles, but big serves and crafty net play helped secure all three points for Groton. 

After a quick shuffle in the line-up, Groton got rolling in singles. It was a dominant performance as the team used cat like reflexes to topple their opponents. A thriller at #1 capped off the win, with Groton ultimately securing all nine points. 

The girls hopped back on the bus and were treated to a feast of epic proportions as a double rainbow arched over the departure. 

Tabor was as delightful team with a very bright future. We look forward to seeing them at Groton next year. 

Next Up: A high stakes showdown with Nobles