Zeebs Win Final Tune-Up Before New Englands

The Lazy Zeebs made the journey up to Exeter for a tightly contested battle with an annual foe. It was an extremely blustery day, but the winds and Big Red were no match for Groton.

After a lovely presentation honoring the seniors from both teams, the doubles matches began. Groton's aggressive movement and quick hands gave them an early 2-1 lead heading into singles.

Exeter's team had some elite talent all over the line-up, but the Groton girls stayed the course. #2 was settled quickly, giving Groton a 3-1 lead. Stellar offensive hitting at #3 bumped the lead up to 4-1. #4 was a war of attrition, and the 6-1, 6-0 score does not reflect the true fight that it was. Groton would take two of the three remaining singles matches. With a 7-2 victory under their belt, the Groton girls could focus their attention on the array of "fancy pizzas" that had just been delivered.

Next up is the NEPSAC Class A Championship. #2 seeded Groton will host #3 Hoosac, #6 Deerfield, and #7 Nobles on Saturday at 10am. Roll Zeebs