Shingles Leads Late Groton Comeback

Trailing 3-1 with 13 minutes remaining in the match, Groton scored three goals in under ten minutes to earn the victory.

The Zebras trailed in the first half before Tyler Martens put Groton on the scoreboard, but Dana Hall led 2-1 at the break.

After Dana Hall expanded the lead to 3-1, goalkeeper Rose Shingles entered the game as a winger and changed the momentum with her energy, scoring a goal to cut the lead to 3-2.  Martens tallied her second goal to tie the game, and then assisted Shingles on the game winner.

Genevieve Nelson and Julia Spada were both impactful as they returned from injuries, and Luisa Garciarramos Petricioli played well in her first varsity start.

Groton (1-2) travels to St. George's on Saturday.