A New Student-Designed Library Bookplate

Congratulations to Wren Fortunoff '22, who has created the Groton School library's next bookplate!

Each year, the library asks a Sixth Form artist to produce the bookplate that goes inside each new book purchased during the coming year, identifying the book as part of the Groton School library collection. Wren designed and printed the bookplate under the supervision of art teacher and printmaker Jennifer Ho.
"Wren was selected for her experience as an avid printmaker in the art center, and her beautiful mark-making combined with her distinct artistic style," said Ms. Ho. "In thinking of ways that the Form of 2022 represents a unique perspective of blossoming in the midst of the pandemic, Wren was able to feature her own twist on individuality within a tight-knit community."

Librarian Mark Melchior praised Wren's unique work. "Her piece differs from those of past student bookplate designers in that she puts the reader front and center in the bookplate's design and creates an intriguing combination of figures to accompany her," he said. "The print shows an intense private world of reading and how that private world piques the interest of others.  If you've ever had the experience of burying yourself in a book, you'll appreciate Wren's thoughtful print."

Since 2019, a Sixth Former has designed and printed a bookplate for the library's new purchases. Past designers include Sophie Park, '19, John Donovan, '20, and Zoe Park, '21.