Groton defeats St. George's in Newport

The boys traveled to Newport today to play St. George's on their new outdoor courts. The team responded well, delivering another great performance, winning all sets both in singles and doubles. Winners for Groton included Larry Li, Jared Gura, Ben Jones, Trip Wight, Griffin Gura and Jack Lionette. 

Señor Conner shared one of his favorite moments of the match: "As the second sets of singles were beginning, I went up to one of our players and asked him, 'Hey, how is your supply of water?'  His response: 'Fine.'  I then asked him: 'How is your supply of "heart" today?'  He smiled at me, paused one second, and then responded: "It's infinite."  I have never heard a better answer to a question on a tennis court. That is why I love these athletes. These boys play with heart. They play with passion.  They give it their all. It is a true team."

Next week includes Belmont Hill on Wednesday, away, at 3:30.  Then Rivers at home on Friday. Then the New England "A" Championships, location to be determined, next weekend.  It promises to be a very exciting week.