Winter Runners Complete Half-Marathon

Groton winter running capped its season with a half-marathon on February 23, winding around campus and the surrounding town on an unseasonably warm winter day.
Congratulations to half-marathon winners Ian Bayliss '22, Rufus Knuppel '22, and Andres Palacios '24, who tied to finish 13.1 miles in 1:35:40. “Based on 2019 scores at the Hyannis Half-Marathon, that would have placed them fourth in their age group,” said winter running coach Jennifer Wallace. “Wow!”
Ruby Fehm '24 was the first female finisher, at 1:46:56, followed by Wren Fortunoff '22 at 1:51:45. ​"Had Ruby Fehm been with us two years ago in Hyannis, she would have won second place with her time of 1:46:56. If the competition motivated her, maybe she would have even won her division!​" Ms. Wallace said. "​Wren Fortunoff, at 1:51:45, would have placed fourth in the same division. This was a great showing by our cross-country runners, even though this was over four times the length of their usual races."​ ​​Also completing the half-marathon were Aidan O'Connell '23 (01:54:58), David Wang '23 (01:55:17), and Christina Chen '23 (02:05:20).
Some students opted to run a 10K instead. Winning the 10K was Torin Steciuk '22, who ran it in 58:31. The fastest female in the 10K was Leah Canellakis '22 at 59:57. Other runners included Hugh Carlin '23 (58:02), Kyle Toce '22 (59:04), Steven Pang '22 (01:01:50), Jacinta Lopez Guzman '22 (01:02:05), Jessie Buestan '23 (1:05:34), Michelle Kim '23 (01:06:17), Alex Canellakis '22 (01:11:10), and Janice Darkwah '23 (01:18:50).
Congratulations to all of Groton’s winter runners! Though the temperature was in the 60s for the race, they persisted all winter through snow, ice, and sub-freezing weather. Go Zebras!