F. Trubee Davison Chair in History

The F. Trubee Davison Chair in History was established by three generations of the Davison Family to bear witness to the life of public service and a lifelong interest in history, especially American history, of Mr. F. Trubee Davison 1914. Since 2015, Jennifer B. Wallace has held this chair.

Jennifer Wallace teaches world history, economics, and comparative religion. She holds both a BS and MS from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service, where she received distinction honors on her graduate oral examination, chaired by a panel of intelligence professionals in government and military service. Her thesis entitled “Chinese Organized Crime and Illegal Alien Trafficking: Humans as a Commodity” was published in Asian Affairs: An American Review.
Jen’s particular areas of interest are Middle Eastern and Southeast Asian history, and she has lived and taught in Beirut, Lebanon; Manila, Philippines; and Chiang Mai, Thailand. At Groton, she has taught required courses as well as a slate of electives, including America in the Philippines, America in Vietnam, America in Iraq, the Arab-Israeli Crisis, the Modern Middle East, the History of Jerusalem, and Macroeconomics. She has been awarded the Henry and Wendy Breck Award for Teaching Excellence (2005) and the Jonathan Choate Award for Excellence in Teaching and Coaching (2014).
Jen is the head coach of thirds football and also co-coaches winter running. She ran an Upper School girls’ dormitory for six years and remains a brownie-toting affiliate. In her free time, Jen enjoys writing, running marathons, and rooting for her hometown team, the Ohio State Buckeyes.