Anna Nicholson '16

Squash at Williams College
How did Groton prepare you to play squash at the collegiate level?
Coach [Nishad] Das and Coach Mike [Tootill] provided constant support. The practices Coach Das scheduled for us were thoughtful and well programmed to work on various aspects of our play, while Mike’s individual feedback was more catered to me as an individual. Groton’s ladder and the necessity of challenge matches provided me with mental toughness and grit, while playing against other teams showed me how to support my teammates as a fellow zebra. Coach Das’ fitness routines (which he did with us while competitively grinning) helped me learn how to push my limits.
What is your favorite memory from your Groton athletic career?
My favorite memory would be singing on various vehicles either to or from sports events. During my Fifth Form field hockey season, we played the song “My House” by Flo Rida before every game, and every time I hear it now it reminds me of how rowdy the bus got before every game. We all learned most of the lyrics and had a lot of fun with it.
What advice would you give to student athletes who want to play in college?
I would advise them to have an understanding of the requirements of your sport’s recruiting process as soon as possible. Talk to college coaches and players and understand what is expected academically and what steps you need to take in securing your spot. Different recruiting processes happen at different times, and it’s really helpful to understand when you need to be proactive so you can manage your stress. Start talking to the coaches of your favorite schools sooner rather than later, visit during a free weekend, and get a sense of what is required of you from that specific coach. Also, I would advise taking a deep breath: if you are meant to play college sports, it will most likely happen and be one of the best parts of your collegiate experience. The hard work pays off and is quite worth it, and everyone else on your college team shares this grateful sentiment.

Athletic Accomplishments while at Groton:
All ISL squash 2015, 2016
Squash team captain 2016
Team representative for women’s squash on the Williams College Student Athlete Advisory Committee

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