Will Richardson '15

Lacrosse at Brown University
How did Groton prepare you to play lacrosse at the collegiate level?
My time at Groton taught me the importance of hard work, both in the classroom and on the field. I came to Groton as a sophomore, and I was fortunate enough to have teammates who illustrated to me how to effectively balance a demanding athletic and academic schedule. Through their tutelage, I was able to go to college better prepared to be a student-athlete. Common themes in Groton athletics are passion and perseverance, which fuel team success. In college, I try to emulate the same values that my Groton teammates and coaches taught me.
What is your favorite memory from your Groton athletic career?
I have many fond athletic memories from my time at Groton, however, my favorite team and personal memory was during my last football game against our rival, St. Mark’s. For the entire game, neither team wanted to give an inch, as St. Mark’s answered each of our touchdowns with one of their own. Fitting for a rivalry game, the contest came down to the last minutes. In those final moments, our football team came together to beat an opponent who on paper had the advantage. It is that underdog spirit and team camaraderie that drew me to Groton and has stayed with me in my life after Groton.
What advice would you give to high school students who want to play college sports?
At Groton, I was fortunate enough to play three sports. In doing so, I was able to forge new connections with teammates and create everlasting memories, which I would not have if I had only played lacrosse. I am very appreciative that Groton gave me the opportunity to pursue other athletic endeavors, and I would urge others to do the same.
Athletic Accomplishments while at Groton:
Lt. Reginald Fincke Jr. Medal for Character and Sportsmanship 2015
ISL Award for Excellence in 3 Sports
Team Captain
Two-time 1st-Team All League in lacrosse
MVP lacrosse 2015
2nd Team All-State
Boston All-American Game Selection 2014
Two-time All-League Honorable Mention in football

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