The de Menil Gallery Archive

"Outspoken: Seven Women Photographers"

Nadine Boughton
Blake Fitch
Nancy Grace Horton
Marky Kauffmann
Tira Khan
Rania Matar
Emily Schiffer

Opening reception, open to the public: Wednesday, January 18 at 7:00 p.m.

Do we hear the voices of women and girls?
Curated by photographer and educator Marky Kauffmann, Outspoken: Seven Women Photographers captures those voices, challenging cultural assumptions and provoking viewers to ask what is right, fair, or possible for women and girls.
The photographs span ages and cultures; they are intimate and revealing, often carrying powerful statements about gender and society.
For example, Kauffmann’s large-scale portraits of older women, from her series, “Lost Beauty,” challenge viewers to question our cultural obsession with youth and beauty in spite of aging’s inevitability.
The intimate portraits of Rania Matar capture the passage from girlhood to adulthood in both American and Middle Eastern cultures, focusing on the universality of growing up.
Nancy Grace Horton’s photographs, from her “Ms. Behavior” series, hold a mirror up to society and to media’s influence on female roles.
Emily Schiffer’s intimate portraits capture the frank expressions of Native American girls on a Cheyenne reservation in South Dakota.
Tira Khan, a video producer and photographer at Sugarhouse Media, documents moments of family life through candid portraits of her daughters and others.
Blake Fitch’s photos, from “Dress Rehearsal,” provide a glimpse of young girls, powerful, curious, defiant.
Nadine Boughton’s images, from her “Fortune and the Feminine” series, deconstruct mid-century advertising and its messages about gender, power, beauty, and longing.