June 2022

"Go Well!" Prize Day Celebrates the Form of 2022
“Be the light.” Prize Day keynote speaker Senator Kirsten Gillibrand appealed to the Form of 2022 in an inspiring talk, asking them to be courageous, serve others, and recognize the “exceptional responsibility to spread the light you carry.”
On June 5, 2022, eighty-five graduates celebrated their Groton education, cheering on prize winners, posing with diplomas, and launching their traditional straw boaters in the air with abandon. During the morning ceremony, they embraced the insights of Senator Gillibrand, as well as wise messages from Board of Trustees President Ben Pyne ’77, P’12, ’15; Headmaster Temba Maquela; and student-elected speaker Steven Pang ’22. Continued
Welcome to all the Grotonians Celebrating their Reunions this Weekend!
Classics Scholars Excel on National Exams
Groton’s young Classicists excelled once again this year on the National Latin Exam, with 82 percent of the 161 students who took the exam receiving honors. Likewise, of eleven Groton students taking the national exam in Ancient Greek, nine earned accolades.
On the Latin exam, 24 percent earned summa cum laude distinction for a gold medal, 27 percent scored maxima cum laude for a silver medal, 16 percent magna cum laude, and 15 percent cum laude.
Three students had perfect scores: Sara Agrawal ’25, Max Fan '25, and John Rogers '22. Continued
Students Attend Enlightening Workshops at Spring Community Gathering
Students spent the morning of May 28 engaged in mind-opening workshops and service opportunities during Groton’s spring community gathering.
They chose two from a slate of more than thirty workshops, most of them student-run, on topics from multicultural identities, Title IX, and Muslim stereotypes to divorced parents, perfectionism, and privilege.
In a workshop called “Elitism in Classical Music,” students discussed some of the most outstanding composers of all time, famous in their day but denied notoriety because they are Black or female—maestros such as Joseph Bologna Chevalier de Saint-George, a French composer and violinist known as the “Black Mozart”; pianist and composer Clara Schumann, Robert Schumann’s wife; and George Bridgewater, a Black violinist to whom Beethoven dedicated a sonata. Continued
A New Student-Designed Library Bookplate
Congratulations to Wren Fortunoff '22, who has created the Groton School library's next bookplate!
Each year, the library asks a Sixth Form artist to produce the bookplate that goes inside each new book purchased during the coming year, identifying the book as part of the Groton School library collection. Wren designed and printed the bookplate under the supervision of art teacher and printmaker Jennifer Ho.
"Wren was selected for her experience as an avid printmaker in the art center, and her beautiful mark-making combined with her distinct artistic style," said Ms. Ho. Continued

Did You Know?
Form reunions were initially only for those observing their tenth and twenty-fifth reunions. After WWII, reunions expanded to include more milestone celebrations, and the current format—welcoming alumni every five years—was first implemented in the 1960s, when alumni, according to the school history, 40 Years More, came to "inspect the changes in the plant and to ask questions of the headmaster and other faculty members, watching spring sports in the afternoon, cocktail parties at faculty homes and form dinners at local inns, and on Sunday Chapel service, a welcome at the Headmaster's House, and a mid-day dinner in the dining room."
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Groton Trivia
For the past two years, reunions were impossible due to the pandemic. Groton is catching up on June 10–12. How many forms will be represented at this weekend's reunion?
Submit your answer here. The first correct answer will receive a Groton t-shirt.
Last Issue's Answer
Kathryn Webber '93 correctly answered that WZEB were the call letters of the student-run radio station founded in February 1992.
Upcoming Events

June 10–12: Reunion Weekend

For Forms ending in 0, 1, 2, 5, 6, and 7

June 12: Celebration for the Form of 2020
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