October 2020

Hybrid Classrooms Connect Learners Near and Far
A chemistry experiment spans the globe, with one lab partner in the Schoolhouse guiding the other partner in Saudi Arabia. In Gammons Recital Hall, members of Groton’s orchestra play stringed and percussion instruments, while four other musicians, visible on screen, play along from home.

With several weeks of hybrid learning complete, teachers and students... continued
Powerful Changes at Groton's New Solar Farm

Groton's new solar farm has received its long-awaited lithium-ion batteries, which will greatly increase the site’s efficiency by allowing the system to store energy and use it when the need is highest.

The John B. Goodenough ’40 Solar Battery Farm, named for the alumnus and recent Nobel Prize winner who pioneered the science behind the lithium-ion battery... continued
A School Birthday Message of Compassion, Humility
Happy Birthday Groton School!
Groton turned 136 years old on October 15, amidst sunny skies and colorful foliage, marking the day with an inspiring, down-to-earth chapel talk about humility and kindness. Continued
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"Did You Know?" is a new Peabody Press feature, illuminating some of the lesser-known facts about Groton School.

Did You Know? We have St Mark's School to thank in part for the founding of Groton School. In the spring of 1883, St. Mark's invited Endicott Peabody to Southborough for Holy Week while it was looking for a clergyman to conduct services. Mr. Peabody addressed the school each morning, and he loved the work.

At the time, St. Mark's also was looking for a headmaster to fill the position being vacated by Dr. James Coolidge, who had been there for nine years. Mr. Peabody was asked, informally, if he would consider a permanent position at the Southborough school, although the headmaster had to be a clergyman and Mr. Peabody was not yet ordained.

The St. Mark's trustees opted to go with Mr. William Peck, the then acting headmaster and a long-term faculty member. Prior to St. Mark's announcing the trustees' decision to go with this strong internal candidate, Mr, Peabody visited with a friend who said to him, “If they don’t elect you at St. Mark’s, why don’t you start a school of your own?” Apparently, he liked that idea.
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Groton Trivia
The school's birthday is October 15, 1884. How did the school celebrate the first anniversary of its opening?
A. With cake and ice cream
B. With lobster rolls
C. With oysters
D. They didn't celebrate. 
June's Answer
No one was able to tell us the year in which Groton started awarding diplomas. The answer is: 1904. Prior to that, graduates received prizes but no actual diplomas.
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