Community-Based Organizations

Groton School is proud to partner with organizations such as A Better Chance, Beacon Academy, Prep for Prep, the Wight Foundation, Inspiring Young Minds, and New Jersey SEEDS. Community-based organizations like these target deserving students from low-income backgrounds and guide them through the application process.
Of Groton’s 380 students, about thirty typically have arrived on the Circle through organizations like these. Many of these students have gone on to hold the highest leadership positions on campus (including five senior prefects, the equivalent of student body president, in recent years). Groton students from such preparatory organizations have attended colleges including Princeton, Scripps, Columbia, Brown, New York University, Yale, and Washington University in St. Louis.
    • Edwina Polynice '21 (Wight Foundation), right, in "We Can't Call It Antigone"

How to Apply

If an organization has referred you Groton School, you may apply through the Standard Application Online (SAO) for community-based organizations (SAO with CBOs) or through the program-specific application sent to Groton by your program advisor. However, you must also follow these guidelines to complete your application:
  1. Fill out our inquiry form.
  2. Fill out the Candidate Profile on Gateway to Prep Schools.
  3. Register for an in-person or virtual interview through our Application Portal. You may access the Application Portal after you have completed steps 1 and 2.
Contact Associate Director of Admission/Director of Inclusion Outreach Carolyn Chica at or with any questions. 

Alumni Spotlight

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  • Malik Gaye ’18

    A Better Chance
    Washington University in St. Louis

    Malik came to the Circle as a Second Former (eighth grader) from Atlanta, Georgia. He learned about Groton through A Better Chance. Malik was elected by his peers to be senior prefect, the school’s highest leadership position. While at Groton, he attended not one but five different GEOs, including trips to Asia, South America, and Africa. He also studied journalism during a  summer program at Columbia University, chaperoned by a Groton faculty member. Malik was a formidable presence in theater, the Maqupellas (an a cappella singing group named for the headmaster), the Circle Voice (student newspaper), and Groton’s Cultural Alliance. After graduating in 2018, he went on to study at Washington University in St. Louis, where he received the Annika Rodriguez Scholarship, awarded to “first-year students of exceptional academic merit who show commitment to community service and a demonstrated ability to bring diverse people together.”
  • Edwina Polynice ’21

    Wight Foundation
    Scripps University

    Edwina came to Groton from Newark, New Jersey in Third Form (ninth grade) as an Inclusion Scholar, an honor given to Groton applicants based on their likelihood to further both the spirit of inclusion on campus and Groton's legacy of service in the world. Edwina learned about Groton through the Wight Foundation. During her time on the Circle, she was elected by peers to be senior prefect, the school’s highest leadership position. She also revitalized the Step team and took advantage of Groton’s tutorial program, which allows individualized study, designing a class called “Black is Beautiful” with English teacher Vuyelwa Maqubela and participating in another, “Gender Studies,” led by former Associate Head of School Megan Harlan.
  • Dagla Rodriguez ’19

    Prep for Prep
    New York University

    A Bronx native and a proud alumna of Prep for Prep, Dagla starred in Little Women while at Groton and served as a theater prefect. She also played saxophone in Groton’s jazz band and was known for her kindness and empathy as a peer counselor. Dagla studied Chinese at Groton, allowing her to begin her collegiate studies at New York University’s Shanghai campus. At NYU, she was an academic peer advisor, admission ambassador, residential assistant, and student diversity advocate.
  • Anthony Wright ’22

    Beacon Academy
    University of Pennsylvania

    Anthony began his independent school journey at Beacon Academy, an organization dedicated to closing the opportunity gap for Boston-area students, and enrolled at Groton as a Third Former (ninth grader). He was elected by his peers to be a senior prefect, the school's highest leadership position, and also served as an admission prefect, co-head of Groton Feminists, captain of the boys’ basketball team, and a peer counselor. On Prize Day (commencement), he was honored with the Charles Lanier Appleton Prize for his distinguished service to the community. Anthony is attending the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Chapel Talk by Anthony Wright '22

As some of you may know, I spend most of my time at home either in my bed on Snapchat or driving in my car. After enduring arduous periods of time at Groton, I like to spend my breaks watching movies and TV shows. I know I probably should spend my time being more productive, like reading or doing SAT prep. However, there is something special about doing absolutely nothing during break that is calming to me. Breaks are the one moment where my life stops moving so quickly, and I can be fully present in the present.

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