Groton Crews Row, Row, Row to NEIRA Medals

Groton boats rowed to four medals at Saturday’s New England Interscholastic Rowing Association championship regatta, including a first-place finish by the boys third boat.

Coxed by Jonathan Briggs, the four boys–stroke Michael Ma '15, Hayes Cooper '14, Charlie Patton '16, and Nick Barry '16 (in photo)–rowed powerfully, as they had throughout their undefeated season, and pulled into open water ahead of their biggest rival, Belmont Hill, to earn the gold.
Of the 35 schools in the fours division of the regatta, Groton was the only school to place all eight of its crews into the Grand Finals. The boys second boat battled with Belmont Hill, who bested the Groton crew by moving ahead with 500 meters to go then hanging on as Groton sprinted to a close finish. The silver medalists include coxswain Becca Kimball '15, Michael Gates '15, Shangyan Li '14, Will Popik '15, and Trevor Fry '15.

The girls third boat—with a young crew of three Third Formers, Hallie Bereday '17, Abby Power '17, and Verity Lynch '17, plus Ross Ewald '16 and coxswain Jenna Hong '15—won a bronze medal, demonstrating that they will be a force to watch over the coming years.
The boys first boat also brought home a bronze. Simon Colloredo-Mansfeld '15, Wyatt Prill '14, John Cecil '17, and Hugh Cecil '15 rowed hard for coxswain Piper Higgins '17; they won their morning heat but came up short against winners Deerfield and second-place Belmont Hill. 
Other excellent races during the day included the girls first boat’s final sprint in their heat that carried them past Nobles and into the finals. 
The boys finished second as a team to Belmont Hill for the third year in a row. The girls tied for third place overall.

See NEIRA photos by Anne
Colloredo-Mansfeld P'09, '13, '15, '18.