Zebra Tales

Magnus '21

Hometown: Harvard, Massachusetts

Groton Activities: Varsity football, varsity lacrosse, winter running, Investing Club, Color Guard, Film Club

Most surprising when you first arrived at Groton: When I first stepped foot on the Groton campus, I noticed how friendly and accepting everyone on the Circle was. I was embraced with open arms and kind hearts. I went in expecting it to  be like my last school, which was very clique-based, but I haven’t experienced any of that here, which has been quite refreshing.

Favorite class: World and the West with Mrs. Spring. I loved this class due to the combination of the interesting content the class covered—which ranged from eighth century Mongols to the end of the Cold War—and the fantastic teaching. Together, these two elements created a fun and interesting class atmosphere.

Most memorable Groton moment: Meeting my senior advisor, Jake Kissel. We met during preseason for football and became closer each and every day, to the point that I now consider him a brother.

Favorite Dining Hall food: The taco bar that the Dining Hall has quite often; you get to build your own taco with all the toppings you want. I also really love the soft-serve ice cream machine on Tuesdays. To me, nothing beats tacos and ice cream.

Favorite place to study: The “bubbles” on the top floor of the Schoolhouse and on the Circle. The bubbles overlook the Forum: they are in the middle of all the action, but secluded enough to help you focus. The Circle is even better, especially if it is a beautiful day outside. There is nothing like soaking up some rays while getting work done.

List of 5 news stories.

  • Sunset snapshot taken along the river run during a Winter Running outing

    Winter Running is the Best

    Each term, every student is required to participate in an afternoon activity. This can range from a varsity sport, such as hockey or basketball, to an art FSA. Since I don’t play any winter sport, I had a large variety of choices for my winter activity. This year, I thought about participating in the winter musical or doing conditioning. To my surprise, I ended up choosing to do Winter Running.
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  • Celebrating the 46-0 win with Mike (left) and Josh (right)

    St. Mark’s Day 2019

    At Groton, one of the most poignant and significant traditions is Spirit Week and St. Mark’s Day. St. Mark’s is our biggest rival in the ISL, and it has been this way for over a hundred years. The first game in this saga was actually played in 1886. Every year since, the Groton sports teams have played the Lions. These games are so ingrained in the school’s identity that we dedicate a day to it. We call it St. Mark’s Day. On this day, all of the sports teams, and the student body as a whole, get kitted out in Groton gear and dress up to show spirit. I personally have seen students dress up in red and black tutus and red and black face paint. It is really fun to see and participate in.
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  • An offensive drive during last year’s rivalry game against St. Mark’s, which we won 28-0.

    Football Season

    One of the things I look forward to most during the end of summer is the arrival of football season. For many, it is just a sport they watch on the TV each Sunday in the fall and winter, but to me football means much more. It is a group of some of my closest friends who, in my opinion, are a second family and a set of brothers I have here at school. Every September during the week preceding the start of school, the football team hosts a preseason for incoming and returning players. On the surface, it is a week of hard practices and grueling work, but in reality, it is much more than that. Preseason is less of a week of practice and work and more of a week of bonding and building friendships.
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  • Me, my older brother Ian, and my younger brother Quinn, taking a break outside of a cafe in old town Quebec City

    My Canada Trip

    In late summer my family packed up our car and set off on the annual summer vacation. This year we chose to travel to Canada, specifically Quebec City and Mont-Tremblant. Normally we just travel to Maine for a few days, but this year we decided to do something big since my older brother is heading off to college in a couple weeks.
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  • Summer Reading

    I began the summer reading required for rising Fifth Formers a few days ago. I put it off this long to separate myself from the idea of school. I mean it is summer after all. Since August is moving quite quickly, however, and school is right around the corner, I begrudgingly decided to open the book that had been sitting unopened on my desk for the past two months.
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