Zebra Tales

Jacinta '22

Hometown: Mexico City

Groton activities: Model UN, EuroChallenge, Debating Society, Circle Voice, Investment Club, stage manager for three one-act plays

Favorite class: English because I find literature very interesting and am always captivated by the discussions in my class

Most memorable Groton moment: Prize Day. It was a melancholy day because the seniors were leaving, and I was sad to see them go but excited for them at the same time. It was incredible to see the strong friendships I had created throughout the year, not only with seniors but with other students. Because the seniors were leaving, my friends and I bonded over reminiscing some of the memories with our prefects throughout the year. It also reminded us how important our friendships with each other were.

Favorite Dining Hall food: Grilled cheese. Apple crisp is my favorite dessert.

List of 6 news stories.

  • A Peek into Open Mic

    Open Mic’s at Groton are a great opportunity for students to showcase their talents and for others to support them. I try to go to at least a few of them every year!
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  • From “Antigone” to “Legally Blonde”

    I have loved theater since I was young, participating in shows like Grease and Fiddler on the Roof in middle school. I do it for the indescribable feeling I get on stage when the curtain is about to open and for the exhilarating liberty of creating a story as if it were daily life. At Groton, I have been able to continue to develop my passion. 
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  • Halloween Starts Early

    October, as I like to think of it, is the very center of fall. The trees have completely changed color, and the leaves are finally trickling down. It is finally the time of year when you can feel the crisp air outside. The time of year when sweaters are necessary and hot chocolate recommended. Best of all, the whole month has the spirit of people eagerly waiting for Halloween.
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  • A Weekend at Groton

    Every weekend there are so many activities to choose from! There might be a dance with a specific theme, like an 80’s dance, which is coming up. Or you might just choose to hang out with your friends. 
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  • A Summer Abroad

    Every year, I look forward to summer with the same eagerness, fantasizing about long days on the beach, exploring somewhere new, or getting to know more people at camp. And every year, no matter what I expect, every summer continues to surprise me and turn out better than the last.
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  • Saying Goodbye to the Seniors

    The last few weeks of school were both exciting and melancholic. Both summer and Prize Day, when the seniors graduated, loomed ahead.
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