Zebra Tales

Phoebe '19

Hometown: Hengqin, China

Most surprising when you first arrived at Groton: I realized that everyone is super good at singing (like, incredibly good). It’s almost like someone discovering that everyone in their new school is amazing at woodworking. I was both impressed and caught off-guard, in a really good way.

Favorite class or classes: Mr. Lamont’s Modern China class and Mr. Creamer’s Multivariable Calculus class. I enjoyed the former because we spontaneously simulated communism with group essays: we would all write one essay together and receive the same grade as a collective. Mr. Lamont thought it would be funny given the course. I liked the latter because Mr. Creamer makes math a spiritual experience.

Groton activities: Debating Society, Circle Voice, Philosophy Club, Euro Challenge team, acrylic painting

Most memorable Groton moment: I was walking around the Circle with friends one warm spring dusk. The sun was setting, but it was setting in such a way that it seemed like it would never set. People played spikeball on the grass, and the crabapple trees in front of Hundred House were in full bloom. The air smelt sweet and the sky was pale violet and blazing orange. I told myself something along the lines of: “Wow, this is eternity in paused flux.”

Favorite Dining Hall foods: Oranges and half of a hard boiled egg covered in soy sauce (eaten separately)

Favorite Surprise Holiday: The spring Surprise Holiday in my Fourth Form year. My roommate and I walked the entire length of the Freedom Trail. It was a really bright day, and we enjoyed gelato and a good conversation.

List of 3 news stories.

  • This is my grandfather from baba’s side of the family. The background is the house he built by himself.

    Fall Art Exhibition

    During exam week, the advanced painting class organized a gallery exhibition. We showcased the paintings we completed this term, and the Dining Hall generously provided tea and animal crackers as refreshments. I used this term to explore how the medium could convey meaning. For example, what effect is created when we paint the past with rice paper and ink, and the present with the saturated colors of acrylic paint?
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  • Baba and me

    Fathers Day, 2018

    Baba used a business trip as an excuse for a college tour, which in turn was an excuse for us to spend time together. We were in California and decided to drive down highway No.1.
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  • The road to the cornfields


    We revisited my grandparents’ village during the thickest days of summer. A lot had changed: most households installed running water and air conditioning, natural gas slowly replaced coal, and new vegetation bloomed with water transported from the south.
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