Zebra Tales

Henry '20

Hometown: Cornwall, VT

Most surprising when you first arrived at Groton: The incredible diversity that comprises the school’s student body

Favorite class: English. I greatly enjoy the engaging discussion and thoughtful perspectives brought to the table by my fellow classmates.

Groton activities: Varsity soccer, varsity hockey, varsity lacrosse, Architecture Club, Humanism Club, Groton Evening Softball League

Most memorable Groton moment: Beating St. Mark’s in the fall to send our soccer team to the NEPSAC Class B playoffs

Favorite Dining Hall food: Chicken wings

Favorite Surprise Holiday: Going to see Black Panther with all of my friends at the local mall

List of 7 news stories.

  • Vermont Spirit

    At Groton, we have become accustomed to a lifestyle filled with commitments and tasks, and the opportunity to sit back and relax is something that occurs only rarely. This weekend however, I had the chance to do just that as we were graced with our first three-day weekend of the year: Long Weekend. After finishing up my school commitments late Thursday night and attending the last of my classes on Friday, I made the three-hour trip up north to my home town of Cornwall, Vermont.
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  • Spikeball: A Groton Tradition

    At Groton, the sight of Spikeball nets littering the Circle is the first major sign that spring has arrived. For those who have not seen the game, a small circular net sits parallel to the ground and teams of two aim to win points by bouncing a squishy ball off the trampoline-like net, placing it strategically so that the opposition cannot reach their shot. Teams are allowed three hits between their two players, often consisting of one or two sets and a smash back onto the net. Games are played to 11, and points are only won when serving. The game’s electric pace is fashioned through high levels of intensity, total commitment, and precision when spiking the ball. The game is a local favorite at Groton and probably my single favorite thing to play on the Circle.
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  • Physics, Newton Style

    When I walked into my physics class this past Tuesday upon my arrival from break, I was greeted with the message that we would be approaching our next unit on oscillation and the transfer of energy slightly differently. Rather than learn the material first before applying it later, we would be flipping the process and coming to conclusions through a series of experiments. Initially, my lab partner and I were tasked with developing an experiment that explored the relationship between applied force and the burdened spring’s displacement.
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  • A Monumental Win Over St. Mark’s

    This fall’s St. Mark’s Day was one for the ages. Due to extensive rainfall in the week leading up to the big day, all the soccer games were moved to the nearby Lancaster complex. As we stepped off the bus, a gust of frigid mid-November air collided with my cheek, and I sucked in a big breath of air, taking in my surroundings. Excited parents, players, fans, and alumni milled around the parking lot, all eagerly awaiting the commencement of this huge occasion. It was the pinnacle game of what had been a fantastic fall season for me, and I could not wait for the game to begin.
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  • 2018 Foosball Tournament

    This past weekend, my friend Henry Kuck and I participated in the 2018 Groton Foosball Tournament. We represented our dorm, Nelson’s, and were competing for a Dunkin’ Donuts gift card and points toward the Groton Games. The Groton Games are an annual competition between the dorms that encapsulate competitions ranging from minute-to-win-it challenges to tournaments in foosball, Spikeball, and other lawn games. When we saw the email advertising the tournament, Henry and I jumped at the chance to represent the mighty Nelson’s Dorm in a sporting event that so perfectly combined strength, elegance, and skill.
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  • Our team with the opposition after the 1-0 victory

    Boys Soccer Takes on the World

    This August, I had the incredible opportunity to travel to England and Ireland with the rest of the Groton soccer team. While in the country, we challenged ourselves against formidable opposition, reveled in the historic cities of London and Manchester, and even enjoyed food cooked in Jamie Oliver’s famous restaurant. Throughout the tour, the team bonded together and had an incredible time on the opposite side of the Atlantic.
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  • I made it to the top of Mt. Washington!

    Experience-Based Learning

    I took three final steps, pushed aside a rock, and let out a sigh of relief. I stood at 5,367 feet, having just come over the crest that marked the top of Mt. Madison. It had been quite a day of hiking, with over nine miles logged, winds approaching 60 miles per hour, and more rain than I thought possible. This was the end, the final chapter of New Hampshire’s grueling and brutal Presidential Range. The four-day trip had been truly remarkable and while the hiking was challenging, I discovered much about myself, the campers I was sharing this experience with, and the breathtaking natural world that we live in.
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