Zebra Tales

Alesandra '22

Hometown: North Andover, MA

Most surprising when you first arrived at Groton: How relaxed the dress code was and how nice and calm everyone appeared

Favorite class: Theater is my favorite class because the space that the teacher creates is so judgment-free and fun

Groton activities: Groton Feminists, soccer, GMP

Most memorable Groton moment: Dancing in the laundry room on Saturday night

Favorite Dining Hall food: Fried eggplant

Favorite Surprise Holiday: Spring of 2018: We were all surprised, and my friends and I went to the mall and just fooled around, had fun, ate lunch, and went shopping.

List of 6 news stories.

  • Spring is Coming

    The Circle is covered in snow, but I know better. Even though brown slush coats the pavements and cold wind chills me to the bone, I can see spring lying in wait. As I sit in the Schoolroom during the day, sunlight pours through the wide windows, warming me in my seat.
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  • Dumplin'

    Last night, I had finished all of my homework and sat idly at my desk, doodling in my planner. There was not much else for me to do, as it was a Thursday night and I worked ahead at the beginning of the week. I decided to watch a movie, and as I opened Netflix, a trailer for a movie popped up on my screen. Dumplin’. I had seen the book a few years ago in Barnes and Nobles and had it on my reading list for a while, but never got a chance to read it. When I heard that there was a movie version being made, I was vaguely excited. I made half-hearted plans to watch it but then forgot all about it.
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  • Autumn

    Fall is my favorite season of the year. It always has been and it always will be. I like to call it autumn because the word seems more mature, more elegant. When I was younger, my dad, my sisters, and I would head out to the lawn in front of our house and rake up the fire-colored leaves. As soon as the pile was big enough for the three of us girls, we would jump in, the crunch echoing through the trees and smiles burning our cheeks. Those memories have been seared into my brain, and I remember that even simple actions like that brought me unfiltered joy.
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  • Me Time

    Even though I’ve been here for just over two weeks, I already feel like I’ve been here forever. My morning routine is down–waking up at 7 and then closing my eyes for another few minutes–and I’ve settled into the dorm, making new friends and having fun. And while I love hanging out with my new formmates and getting to know everyone, Groton sometimes is overwhelming (like every school is). I’ve found that sometimes I don’t make enough time for just me, whether it’s writing in my journal or even simple things like walking alone to the Dining Hall.
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  • A Summer of Stories

    Summer and I have a love and hate relationship. On one hand, three months of absolutely nothing can get boring very quickly. And I meant very quickly. This summer, I spent more time than I’d like to divulge laying underneath the AC with the shades drawn and trying to move as little as possible due to the heavy, sticky heat.
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  • The Perfect Day

    Salty ocean water trickles down my back, slipping down a curl that fell out of my loose bun. I continue down the path as it winds around small hills, tasting the salt in the air and the sand on my lips. Today is a perfect summer day, just the way to end the season. The sun is bright and warm, pulsing on my arms and face. Slowly, my towel falls from around my shoulders to my waist, covered in a crust of sand from the rocky beach. The particles swirl in the wind, whipping across my body.
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