Living at Groton

Groton students feel at home. Almost from day one, the warm welcome and inviting dormitories tell even the youngest formers that Groton is not just their new school, but their new family.

In our comfortable dorms, more than 70 dormitory heads and affiliates not only supervise, but also guide and support.

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Global Education

Groton’s global education initiative rises from the widely acknowledged values that have long animated the school and recognition that, in the 21st century, global awareness and experience matter more than ever before, at all levels of education.

Groton global education is:
  • an essential component of the School’s mandate for the 21st century
  • a vigorous program of experiential (activity-based) learning outside the United States
  • a geographically and culturally diverse profile of experiences
  • integrated with curriculum when possible
  • accessible to all students

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Service and Engagement

At Groton School, we define service as an act of leadership, a demonstration of responsible citizenship, a means of community building, and a part of one’s life-long learning and purpose. We are committed to developing leaders who understand how connected our lives are and who recognize that service to others sustains the self and helps to shape positively our collective future.

Current students serve locally and globally through their engagements around the Groton Circle, outside of it, and beyond it. Students learn what it means to serve and how to rise to the challenges of leadership, which such service demands, through various aspects of our program—from the Chapel, to the dorm, to the playing fields, to a local shelter.

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Though founded as an Episcopal school, Groton today welcomes and supports people of many faiths.

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Groton School is a diverse and intimate community devoted to inspiring lives of character, learning, leadership, and service.
Groton School is recognized as one of America's top boarding schools. It prepares students in grades 8-12 for the "active work of life."