Global Education


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Groton School's Global Education Opportunity (GEO) to China takes students to the attractive mid-sized city of Chengde, nestled in a beautiful valley a few hours northeast of Beijing. Groton students stay at Chengde #3 Middle School in a recently developed section of the city, where they visit classes, practice Chinese calligraphy and paper cutting, learn Mongolian and Manchurian dance, and hang out with their Chinese peers while exploring the neighborhood and enjoying home stays over the weekends.

During most mornings, students visit the Zhongyingzi Primary School, in an economically undeveloped outlying area of Chengde, where they do service work that includes manual labor and teaching English. Groton students also visit the Great Wall and spend time exploring Beijing.

The Groton School China GEO immerses students in Chinese society; it is ideal for students who wish to improve their Mandarin and/or learn about one the world’s greatest civilizations.

Groton's Global Education Opportunity (GEO) to China occurs every other year, alternating with the GEO to India.

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