Community Engagement

Grants and Awards

Two special funds at Groton School are dedicated to service and specifically support students in their service initiatives.
The G.O.L.D. Fund

The Groton Community Service Board created the Groton Opportunity for Leadership Development (G.O.L.D.) Fund to inspire Groton students to take initiative in their service work by either designing service opportunities that address pressing needs within a given community or by committing vigorously to an already established service organization or project. Through ongoing fundraising, the board builds the fund and awards G.O.L.D. grants during the spring term to the most promising applicants.

The Eleanor C. and George H.P. Dwight 1945 Internship Fund

The Eleanor C. and George H.P. Dwight 1945 Internship Fund was established by family and friends in memory of George H.P. Dwight ’45. Dating back to his time as a Groton student, George Dwight showed great commitment and care for those less fortunate than he. The enthusiasm with which he served as a counselor for a New Hampshire summer camp for inner-city children during his Groton years flourished into a lifelong passion for political and social activism, particularly in the urban neighborhoods of New York City and as a long-time board member of Union Settlement Neighborhood Houses in Harlem.

To honor his devotion to the revitalization of inner-city New York, the income from this fund supports a Groton student’s internship at a social service organization that seeks to redevelop deteriorating American communities by fostering leadership and self-sufficiency.

Groton students in the Upper School are invited to apply to be a Dwight Intern and thereby awarded a grant to support proposed work in a social service agency focused on urban renewal and revitalization. The number and amount of grants awarded will be based on the funds available, the number of internships considered fine reflections of George Dwight’s spirit, and the financial requirements of each.

Priority is given to internships in New York that offer the intern the opportunity to work on a specific project that advances the causes of economic development, community- building, education, health, job training, or youth development. While charitable organizations that fulfill some immediate needs of a neighborhood, such as a soup kitchen or welfare agency, are valuable, the primary purpose of this fund is to foster a mindset of social justice and action that responds to long-term needs and leads to social change and community development. Therefore, priority is given to internships that propose an agency that offers the intern the opportunity to work on a specific project that advances the aforementioned causes.

Dwight Interns are expected to extend the experience by sharing it, in some way, with the Groton School community. They may deliver a Chapel Talk, coordinate with Groton Community Service to offer related social justice projects to Groton students, raise awareness through on-campus forums, write articles or guest lecture in relevant courses, or choose other means to share their experiences.
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