Dominican Republic

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In the Dominican Republic, Groton School partners with the DREAM Project in Cabarete, an NGO that helps more than 6,000 children receive a better education through fourteen programs in fifteen different communities. Affecting the lives of more than 7,000, DREAM focuses on early childhood education, quality primary education, holistic youth development, arts, culture, and community enrichment.
Groton students work with and learn from the children in beautiful Cabarete, where they also learn Spanish, teach English, play music with locals, and sometimes engage in experimental engineering projects. A new and evolving program, Groton’s GEO in the Dominican Republic houses Groton students together during the week and sends them to home stays for the weekends. Participants need not speak Spanish or study it; in fact, this GEO in the Dominican Republic is a good way to pick up Spanish outside a classroom environment.
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