Community Engagement

Student Opportunities

Students experience the value of service right on campus, in neighboring communities, and around the world.
Around the Circle
Work Program
Students in the second through fifth forms participate in a jobs program that reminds each of us that we all need to take responsibility for cleaning up after ourselves and for caring collectively for our campus. Similarly, work programs are run twice weekly in each dormitory on campus.
Peer Tutoring
Both formally through the Academic Office and informally within and across forms, students have the opportunity to serve other students by drawing on a particular area of academic strength.
Peer Counseling
Sixth formers may serve the School—the residential community in particular—by helping students with routine adjustment issues and adolescent concerns. These peer counselors are trained by and work closely with the Counseling Department throughout the year.
All sixth formers are expected to serve the school as community leaders, known as prefects. Prefects help in a variety of ways, across many departments.
 Outside the Circle
Weekly Opportunities
Through the student-led Groton Community Service (GCS) organization, students may engage in service work in the local area during their free time. Recognizing service as a form of community-building, GCS works to maintain strong relationships with a number of local organizations and programs, including the following:
Every Sunday evening, students and faculty serve a meal, prepared by Groton School’s dining hall staff, to this men’s shelter in Fitchburg, MA.
Transitions at Devens
Students and faculty visit this transitional housing facility weekly to play with young children and to tutor mothers and school-aged children. (Groton School also assists with the organization’s driving needs.)
Students may volunteer at this food pantry each week, typically on Monday evenings after dinner and before study hall, and also during special weekend sessions.
Students may volunteer on Sunday afternoons at this long-term residential pediatric center, which serves individuals who are cognitively under 12 months of age and non-ambulatory. Students with musical interest and talent are particularly encouraged to participate.
Upper Schoolers who are free during the fifth period of the school day can volunteer at the Children Center, located on campus, which serves both faculty and non-faculty infants and toddlers. 
On the last Friday of every month, this organization offers a free, well-balanced meal to all who pass through the doors of the First Parish Church in the town of Groton. Groton students help set up, plate, serve, wash dishes, and clean up.
Afternoon Opportunities
During the fall and spring terms, Upper School students may devote afternoon time to tutoring and mentoring middle school students in Lowell, MA.
Service FSAs (Faculty Sponsored Activities)
Upper School students are welcome to pursue a service engagement of their own design through Groton’s FSA program. 
Special Events
Students also may participate in a wide range of one-time events, including the following:
Walk for Hunger
Mass Coalition for the Homeless fundraiser
Red Cross Blood drives
3 v 3 Soccer for AIDS
Tag sales to support Groton Community Service “Glocal” engagements
More than Words book drives
End-of-year recycling and clean-up efforts
Groton Community Service 

Groton Community Service (GCS) is the student organization that champions service work at Groton School. In collaboration with the director of Service and Leadership, the GCS board, led by two co-chairs and populated with students from the fourth through sixth forms, helps to organize and publicize both weekly and one-time service projects. All students are encouraged to participate in GCS-sponsored events, and the GCS board endeavors to help other student organizations engage in service work as well. The GCS board is responsible for awarding G.O.L.D. grants, which help fund service work, to student applicants in the spring term.
Groton School is a diverse and intimate community devoted to inspiring lives of character, learning, leadership, and service.
Groton School is recognized as one of America's top boarding schools. It prepares students in grades 8-12 for the "active work of life."