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Cui Servire Award Winners

The Cui Servire Award is given annually to outstanding younger alumni who, through their exceptional contribution to the School or the world, have truly lived up to the School's motto. The motto, Cui Servire Est Regnare, is alternately translated as "To Serve Is to Rule" or "For Whom Service Is Perfect Freedom.” In the motto's original context, service refers to a person's service to God. But the motto has been accepted more broadly to connote service to the community and the world, and it inspires many Grotonians to make community service integral to their lives.

2014 Cui Servire Award Winner: Ms. Holley Green Gordon '89

Holly Green Gordon '89 is the Founder of the social action campaign Girl Rising, a movement dedicated to confronting the barriers to education that girls face around the world. Holly is also an Executive Producer for the film of same name. The movements tag-line says it all: Educate Girls, Change the World.
Girl Rising is a critically acclaimed feature film that tells the stories of nine girls in nine developing countries who overcome tremendous economic and cultural odds -- simply to get an education. The film, called "one of the hottest cause documentaries in years" by the New York Times, powerfully demonstrates that educating girls can transform societies.
Girl Rising promotes screenings by offering any community -- however large or small, urban or rural, rich or poor -- the opportunity to screen Girl Rising, in effect democratizing film distribution to create a movement.  A portion of the proceeds from Girl Rising -- ticket sales, gifts, donations, and corporate grants – are channeled through the Girl Rising Fund to an array of global nonprofits selected on the basis of their ability to make an immediate on-the-ground impact. Beyond that, Girl Rising effectively advocates that leaders around the world -- from governments to heads of households -- invest in educating girls, as a proven way to break cycles of poverty. 
Holly was selected by Fast Company as a member of the League of Extraordinary Women in 2012 and named by Newsweek/Daily Beast as one of 125 Women of Impact in 2012. Forbes Magazine named the Girl Rising movement the #1 Most Dynamic Social Initiative of 2012.
Prior to launching the campaign, Holly was Director of Content for the Tribeca Film Festival. She came to Tribeca from ABC News, where she worked for 12 years as a producer and booker for the major news broadcasts. While at ABC News, Holly was selected for special coverage teams on high-profile stories, including the trial of Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh, the shootings at Columbine, and the Albanian refugee crisis in Kosovo. She was a key contributor to ABC’s breaking-news coverage during the weeks following the September 11th attacks. After graduating from Groton in 1989, Holly attended Brown University where she received a B.A. in International Relations.

Past Cui Servire Award Recipients

Name Year of Award
Dr. Michael R. Curtis ’80 1999
Ms. Katya Fels Smyth ’89 2000
The Rev. John H. Finley, IV ’88 2002
Dr. Sallie B. Smith ’85 2003
Ms. Frances H. Pratt ’82 2004
Mr. Josiah H. Brown ’88 2005
Ms. Danielle K. Nunez ’98 2006
Mrs. Chekemma J. Fulmore-Townsend ’97                                                                         2007
Dr. Theodore Caplow, Jr. ’88 2008
Mrs. Ann Gildroy Fox ’94 2009
Mr. George C. Biddle ’80 2010
Ms. Betsy Wright Hawkings ’81 2011
Mrs. Alyce Jones Lee ’77 2012
Mr. Nathaniel T.G. Fogg ’93 2013
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