Talia Simon '13

How did your time at Groton prepare you for college hockey?
While playing hockey at Groton I learned what it takes to balance my love for hockey and my goals as a student. Often I was challenged by the demands of both sports and academics, but while at Groton I learned how to use my time efficiently in order to exceed both on the ice and in the classroom. As a student-athlete in college, I find myself being pushed by my coaches and my professors to consistently improve, and through the guidance and encouragement I received at Groton I am successful in balancing the demands of a collegiate student-athlete. Whether it be at practice or in the classroom, Groton taught me what it takes to work hard and manage my time in order to achieve my goals.
What was the highlight or favorite memory of your athletic career at Groton?
The highlight of my athletic career at Groton was my senior game against our rival, St. Mark’s. It was amazing to see so many of my friends and teachers come out to support us in my last ever high school hockey game. The energy and cheering in the crowd was inspiring and reminded me of how lucky I was to belong to such a caring community. Groton has left me with many memories, but the image of the stands filled with maroon, black, and zebra stripes is one I will never let go of.

Athletic Accomplishments while at Groton
All ISL honorable mention 2012
Team MVP 2012
Boston Globe ISL League All-Star
Member of the varsity field hockey, ice hockey, and lacrosse teams
Ice hockey captain 2010-11 and 2011-12 seasons
2009 Women’s U14 National Champions (Assabet Valley)
USA Player Development Camp
Member of Groton’s first women’s hockey team to make ISL playoffs, 2007-08

Groton School Photography Prize, June 2012

Talia's Williams athletic profile
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