Ryan Meuth '13

How did your time at Groton prepare you for college soccer?
The one skill that I most took with me from my Groton soccer career (besides the more obvious soccer skills) is leadership. From the moment that I first stepped on the field for preseason of my freshman year, I was lucky enough to have incredible leaders to look up to and learn from in both the captains as well as the coaches, Mr. Q and Mr. Goodrich. For three years, I watched everyone that went before me and tried to take on pieces of the various people that I looked up to until eventually it was my own turn to lead the team as a senior and captain. That year was a learning process for me, even though the players before me had made it look so easy, I always had to re-evaluate what worked and what didn't so that not only did I become the best player possible, but also the best leader.  That's something I've really relied upon in the college game. The level is so high and everyone is so good that it ends up being the little things that separate who plays every game and who rarely plays; so for me, my ability to help lead a team has helped me continue to see minutes.

What was the highlight or favorite memory of your athletic career at Groton?
The entire second half of my senior season was one extended highlight for me. We started 0-6 before winning 9 straight to finish the year in fourth place at 9-6.  Of the 20-some seasons I've played and teams I've been on, that was truly the most incredible one. There was such a feeling of joy and excitement at every practice and game that I never wanted the season to end. It was a magical experience that I won't be able to replicate, no matter how long my athletic career lasts.  To pick out one particular moment though, the St. Mark's game my senior year (my final game in a Groton uniform) really embodied that entire season. After going up 1-0 in the second minute of play, we were tied in the 89th minute 1-1 with our winning streak on the line. Jared Belsky received the ball on the edge of the box, and floated the most perfect chip over the goalie's hands to put us up 2-1 in the final minute of the game. I remember seeing the ball touch the net and lying down on the field in shock. I've watched the tape of the play hundreds of times, and it is still the most incredible play that I've ever seen.

Athletic Accomplishments while at Groton:
Four-year letter-winner as a defender 
All-League, All-State, All-Region, and a New England Prep All-Star

Ryan's Swarthmore athletic profile
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