Indoor Pool/Swim Lessons


Ages 3 years and older

Registration opens on August 25, 2016 for the popular swim lessons held at Groton School. This year, lessons are again being run by Carol Wright, whose unique teaching style produces quick results and great swimmers. Sessions are for six weeks, and each class is forty minutes long.

You may register at, where you will also find information about classes, schedules, and cost

Information on the structure and swim guidelines of the program is below for your reference. Please choose the level that best describes your child.  Students are placed according to age and ability and may be moved to a different level by the instructor.

Please remember, these are just guidelines; choose the level that best describes your child.

Level 1 Afraid of water, won’t put face in.
Level 1+ Loves water, but doesn’t know how to swim, blows bubbles, will get face wet
Level 2 Can swim 10 yards with no flotation
Level 2+ Can swim 10 yards free style with rhythmic breathing, can swim 10 yards of backstroke, learning to dive.
Level 3 Can swim 25 yards freestyle, backstroke, can dive.
Level 3+ All of above and learning breast stroke, starts & turns
Level 4 All of above and learning Butterfly, starts and turns

Please email Carol with any questions at

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