Career Advisory Program

Perhaps you are starting a job search, exploring career fields, interested in a specific organization, or relocating. If so, the Groton School Alumni Career Advisory Program can help you establish professional contacts in your chosen field(s) and geographical area.
The Career Advisory Program is a registry of volunteers available for students and alumni to contact for informational interviews and referrals. It is a significant asset for developing the chain of personal contacts essential to a successful job search.

The Career Advisory Program listings are organized by geographic region and general professional fields and are kept in the Alumni Office at Groton. If you are interested in receiving a customized list of career advisors in your field or region of interest, please contact Allison MacBride in the Alumni Office at 978-448-7588.

The Career Advisory Program is not a job placement service, so please expect nothing more than good advice; but if you are looking for an effective means to research occupations, prepare for interviews, uncover the hidden job market, or become familiar with a new area, then contacting a Groton career advisor is a worthwhile step.

This service is free of charge and relies upon the goodwill of alumni and parent volunteers. When contacting advisors, be prepared to ask relevant questions, share your resume, and explain your interest in that line of work, including what skills you offer. Most importantly, follow up with the alumna or alumnus and send a thank you note informing them of your progress.

The program is always looking for graduates and parents willing to share their time and experience. To volunteer to be a Career Advisor please contact the Alumni Office at (800) 396-6866.

Career Advisors are contacted by the information seeker on an as-needed basis, depending on the amount of incoming requests to the Alumni Office. Advisors serve as conduits of information regarding prospects for jobs in their field, organizational culture, suggested search strategies, resume reviews and referrals, necessary skills and the preparation of practitioners in the field, and interview prep. Face-to-face informational interviews are an ideal forum of exchange whenever logistically possible.

By volunteering your time to help out a fellow Grotonian, you are contributing to both the legacy of service at the School and to the professional development of a Grotonian in transition.
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