Eighth Grade at Groton

Did you know that some students come to Groton for eighth grade?

We refer to our eighth grade as the Second Form because at one time we had a First Form! That’s right, students would come to Groton as seventh graders and graduate from the school six years later. Years ago, many schools had seventh and eighth grades, but today Groton is one of the few top secondary schools in the country that still offers an eighth grade program.

While most students apply to enter in the Third Form or later, many families realize the advantages that Groton’s Second Form offers. It’s an intimate group of 25 to 30, so students unite quickly into a tight, family group. Upper forms have 70 to 90 students, and while they maintain a closeness too, the Second Form’s size encourages a unique bond.

When eighth-graders first arrive at Groton, they receive special treatment. We realize they are in a new place, making new friends, honing new study habits, and tackling a more challenging workload than seventh grade demanded. For all these reasons, Groton offers the additional structure, support, and organization that younger students need. They are closely supervised, live together in their own dorms, and have just a taste of the independence they will earn later. The extra year at Groton clearly prepares students for success later at the school. Many of the students who become form leaders five years later began their years at Groton in the Second Form.

It may be Groton’s best-kept secret: we have an eighth grade. Pass it on.
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