Academic Support

Groton School recognizes that even exceptionally talented students may face challenges to learning. Groton's Academic Support Office is available for students who need help with study, organizational, or time-management skills. Depending on the severity of a particular learning difference, appropriate services and/or accommodations may be available.
Early identification of learning challenges and appropriate intervention are important to academic success at Groton. If any differences or disabilities previously have been identified, parents should contact Director of Academic Support Kate Dennison ( prior to a new student's arrival in the fall. Once a student is at Groton, if concern arises about his or her academic performance, a referral will be made, most commonly by an instructor or advisor, to the Academic Support Office. A member of that office will meet with the student, assess the situation, and lend support as needed. The student's progress will be monitored and further recommendations offered, as necessary.

The office may recommend neuro-psychological testing for learning differences/disabilities in order to be fully aware of a particular student's learning style, strengths, weaknesses, or challenges. If testing seems appropriate, the director of Academic Support will contact the student's parents, and, assuming agreement is reached, will help connect the parents with an independent educational psychologist. Testing can provide a clear set of recommendations to the student, family, and the School. In accordance with the findings of a documented evaluation, the director will implement recommendations and/or special accommodations, within the limits of the School's curriculum and resources. There are no separate courses of study for students with disabilities or learning differences.

Peer Tutors
Peer tutors are available to younger students in need. The director of Academic Support compiles a list of peer tutors at the beginning of each school year and helps students interested in using this resource.

Outside Tutors
Because Groton is a residential school and teachers are readily available for extra help outside of class, the School does not support the use of outside tutors, except during vacations at home.
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