Close, Gritty Win

It's great to play close matches and this one certainly qualified. Brooks is always a sharp, well-coached team and they took an early lead but in losing, the Groton players competed hard and well, setting the tone for their teammates. Garrett Johnson hit clean length to take care of his fifth game and put Groton on the scoreboard, but Brooks had three wins by then. With Groton needing to win all three remaining matches, three sixth formers stepped up to make it happen. Cal Wilson's tight drives bought him a three-game victory and Walker Davey kept a solid opponent under continuous pressure to wear him down and win in four, bringing the team score to 3-3. Aaron Jin's opponent was tiring, but seemed to find a new gear as he came back to win the fourth game. With the team match on the line, Jin and his opponent were neck and neck throughout the fifth before Jin eventually eeked it out, 12-10. In addition to being close on the scoreboard, this match included clean play, good sportsmanship and a great deal of determination from both teams. A great day of Groton squash!