For this term’s afternoon activity, I decided to try winter running. Although most people might not find the cold, windy, and snowy New England winter the right weather for a run, the adventure of running through the picturesque snow-filled Groton trails seemed like the perfect challenge for me. After a whole term of running, the winter running team hosted a half-marathon to end the amazing season.
Ironically, our last winter run was on a sunny, 60-degree day, the perfect temperature for a 13.1-mile run. Just like me, most of my fellow runners had never run a half-marathon before, so it was an exciting milestone to cross. As 2:30 p.m. hit, other runners and I began our exhilarating run. A mix of nervousness filled my stomach, but the encouraging words of my peers helped me begin finding a sustainable pace and the drive to just keep moving forward. Most importantly, Rufus’21 and Ian’21 were able to distract me with their periodic jokes, music, and conversation. 

The route itself was also helpful; the constant change of scenery kept me intrigued throughout the run, and I was certainly lucky to have passed through some of Groton’s most incredible trails. After just over an hour and a half of running, seeing the Chapel’s gothic tower and the Schoolhouse’s distinct golden bell get closer made me smile as I never had before. 

At the Circle, Rufus, Ian, and I decided to hold hands as we reached the finish line; we had trained together for this race for over two months. Friends and teachers greeted us with loud cheers and hugs. I was especially grateful for the dozens of students and faculty who took part of their busy days to cheer and help organize the event.

I spent the next hour encouraging other students as they finished either their 10k or half-marathon race. Seeing everyone complete their goals was spirit-lifting and an amazing end to winter running. This experience was definitely unforgettable!