Tis the Season

Amidst (hopefully) the tail end of the COVID pandemic, 2021 has been a year of great progress at Groton and around the world. Although hectic, we as a community have seen the fruits of our labor, as the incredible effort we have put forth into keeping us safe has more than paid off. With the last days of 2021 with the student body on campus winding down, we closed out these two weeks on campus with a memorable school event: Lessons & Carols.
With the entire student body and significant number of faculty members in the Chapel, Lessons & Carols was the perfect semicolon, marking the end of a successful 2021 but also foreshadowing the milestones that will be achieved this upcoming year. The service began with student acolytes leading the choir, composed of students and faculty alike, through the audience and to the front of the Chapel. 

The choir performed numerous songs in a plethora of languages. It seems each time I hear one of my peers sing, I am left in greater awe than the last time. Biblical readings from various students and faculty, including Mr. Maqubela and our senior head prefects, filled the intermissions between songs. 

Although I have never considered myself vehemently religious, I could not help but feel a presence inside the Chapel. As I absorbed this aura, I could feel my hair prickling on my arms as it stood straight. I knew then that the presence was not divine. I knew it was the spirit of Groton.