Winter Term Squash

Sheena Bakare
Going into winter term I was really looking forward to my afternoon activity, squash.
I started playing last year and was entirely new to the sport. Due to COVID precautions, I didn’t get to play any games, however it’s been exciting to finally have a chance to play real squash. I joined thirds this year, and it's been so much fun. The team dynamic is really great; we are all supportive of one another, as most people are first-time players or don’t have a lot of experience playing squash. There are also a lot of other Fourth and Third Formers that I know on the team, which makes the experience all the better.

What I am really loving about thirds is that it doesn’t feel very high-pressure. Each practice I can take at my own pace, and we have a fair amount of playing time. When we play, the games are not highly competitive, and it feels nice to just spend an hour and a half or so hitting around the ball with my friends. I had never heard about squash before I came to Groton—one of the wonderful things about our school is that there are so many opportunities to try something new. 

I’m looking forward to improving my skills this term, and hopefully getting some matches in. I’m interested to see how I’ll improve and develop as a player. I think the sport I enjoyed the most last year was squash, and it was a core part of my winter-term experience. Even when I was making my way down to Athletic Center from Brooks House for late practice last year, drudging through the snow, I was always excited to play. As the first sprinkle of snow fell yesterday, heading down to the Athletic Center a year later felt comforting and familiar.

When winter term becomes dull and bleak, I find that it’s important to single out the things you enjoy and latch on to them, so that your days can be a little bit brighter. That is how it is for me with squash, and I can't wait to make newer and better memories on the court again.